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[CARD] Exp. Share (Next Destinies #87, Dragon Vault #18, Primal Clash #128) - This card is not working


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     Recently, I noticed that a tool card from Primal Clash, EXP. Share, stopped working. I can still attach it to a Pokemon and put it in a deck, but the effect won't go off.


     What should normally happen is that when my active Pokemon gets knocked out and it has a Basic Energy attached, and I have a Pokemon on the bench with EXP. Share attached, the game should allow me the option to transfer a Basic Energy from the knocked-out Active to the benched Pokemon with the tool. However, in the last few battles I've had, the game just outright would not give me that option. 


      As far as I could tell, there were no effects in play that should have stopped the tool, such as Roaring Skies' regular Bannette or BREAKThrough's Yveltal. I remember specifically getting my Noivern BREAK getting knocked out by an Ancient Trait Metagross's Rail Gun attack and not being able to use the EXP. Share effect on my benched Noibat. 


     From what I could tell, the problem just started in the last 2 days. In fact, I think it was right before BREAKThrough's Brigette got temporarily banned that EXP. Share was working just fine, so something must have happened after that. If anyone else is having this problem, please speak up. I have a Noivern deck and 2 Fairy decks that need EXP. Share to work. Please have this problem addressed at your earliest convenience.

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Hi zeofox713!


This sounds like it may be part of a larger known bug. From the Known Bugs thread:


General: Abilities which increase attack damage may cause effects which activate when a Pokémon is Knocked Out to be improperly negated.


Was your opponent controlling a Pokémon with an Ability or other effect which increased attack damage? Let us know if this sounds like the bug you were experiencing.

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