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Trading Scams-mods please read


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Okay, so I was browsing around the trading posts and I come up on a post that says "don't need this". I click on it and accept the trade. I know I might have deserved it because I did click on the accept trade button when it clearly said that I was the one giving the card. But considering that we, as consumers, paid for the cards ourselves. I can demand, not that these cards are recovered, but that there be something done to stop these scams, such as a pop-up warning sign that I'm about to give free cards away or a restriction on giving away rares so that other consumers and fellow players may enjoy the pokemon online tcg without fear of being scammed cards.


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I completely understand! I'm thinking that some sort of pop up should be implemented as a final warning to people who may be getting scammed. After that there's not too much else we can do before having to change the rules od trading :/ We are definitely working on it and thank you for your concern!




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I am starting disagree with some people getting scammed saying that they lost their cards after getting fair /unfair trade (which probaly allowed them to scam them)trade i think they just want the cards back.




Also another reason why they scamming because the Perfromance Lag cause by Flash Player LAG/MEMORY LEAK) and Pokemon TCGO need to fix so people will have smoother trades..




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