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2.32 Patch Notes | November 4th, 2015

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Version 2.32




  • Pokémon TCG: XY—BREAKthrough expansion!
  • Major updates to gameplay controls, graphics, and animations!



  • Support added for the XY—BREAKthrough expansion, bringing more than 160 new cards to the game.
  • Adjusted the contents of the XY: Basic Green, XY: Basic Red, and XY: Basic Blue decks to improve balance in the Theme Deck format.
  • Fixes for various known bugs.



  • All-new animations and sound effects for cards coming into play, attacks, Special Conditions, and more!
  • Prize cards now appear on the playmat in a single stack with a number indicating how many are left.
  • Deck boxes are now displayed on the playmat. Some older deck boxes are temporarily represented by a placeholder image until updated assets are implemented.
  • Cards are now always played via click-and-drag.
  • Energy cards and Pokémon Tool cards now appear as pips when attached to a Pokémon.
  • Any card can be quickly inspected if you mouse over it (PC/Mac) or touch and hold (iPad).
  • A Pokémon in play, including all the cards attached to it, can be inspected in detail if you right-click it (PC/Mac) or touch and hold for 3 seconds (iPad).
  • A yellow network strength icon now appears during gameplay when the game client has a poor connection to the game server. The icon will turn red if the connection is lost completely.
  • The Undo option has been removed to streamline gameplay and better match competitive play environments.



  • Code cards found in physical XY—BREAKthrough booster packs and theme decks can be redeemed in the Shop to unlock digital booster packs and theme decks from the same expansion.



  • Conceding a match during an opponent’s turn now ends the match at the end of that turn, rather than immediately.
  • Gameplay animations can no longer be disabled.

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  • The Tutorial should now properly end in the Portuguese game client.
  • English cards from the XY—Ancient Origins expansion should no longer appear in the German game client.
  • Resolved an issue that occasionally prevented a user from properly saving a deck in the Deck Manager.



  • Adjusted the hint box for Stadium cards with an effect that can be used during a player’s turn.
  • Effects that allow a Pokémon to copy another Pokémon’s attack no longer end the turn if the copied attack also copies an attack.
  • Effects that require a coin flip before a Pokémon can attack now properly apply to both attacks if that Pokémon has the Omega Barrage Ancient Trait.
  • Team Flare Hyper Gear cards that are returned to the hand from play now properly return to their owner’s hand.
  • The Theta Stop Ancient Trait no longer affects Poké-Bodies and Poké-Powers.
  • Altaria (XY—Roaring Skies, 74/108): The info box for Colorless-type Pokémon now properly updates when Altaria leaves play.
  • Delcatty (XY, 105/146): Energy cards selected by the Energy Salon attack are now properly revealed to both players.
  • Double Dragon Energy (XY—Roaring Skies, 97/108): Attacks that affect a specific Energy type now consistently recognize this card as 2 Energy of that type.
  • Entei (Call of Legends, SL3): The correct card image should now appear in the Italian game client.
  • Entei (XY—Ancient Origins, 15/98): The info panel for the Flame Screen attack now contains the correct text.
  • Exp. Share (XY—Primal Clash, 128/160): The effect of this card is no longer suppressed when the Active Pokémon is Knocked Out by a Pokémon with the Delta Plus Ancient Trait.
  • Hitmonlee (XY—Furious Fists, 47/111): Damage from the Spiral Kick attack is now properly displayed.
  • Hypno (XY—Furious Fists, 36/111): Supporter cards chosen with the Hand Control attack no longer affect Pokémon with the Omega Barrier Ancient Trait.
  • Legend Box (HS—Undaunted, 75/90): Revealed Energy cards can now be properly attached to the Pokémon LEGEND put into play with this card’s effect.
  • Lost Remover (Call of Legends, 80/95): This card no longer affects Pokémon with the Omega Barrier Ancient Trait.
  • Lysandre’s Trump Card (XY—Phantom Forces, 99/119): Decks containing this card can now be consistently used in the Unlimited format.
  • Mega Sceptile-EX (XY—Ancient Origins, 8/98): The Jagged Saber attack no longer allows some Abilities to bypass the Theta Stop Ancient Trait.
  • Malamar-EX (XY—Phantom Forces, 58/119): The attack menu for the MAXamar attack now contains the correct text.
  • Regice (XY—Ancient Origins, 24/98): The effect of the Resistance Blizzard attack should now function properly in all situations.
  • Salamence (Black Star Promo, XY59): The attack menu for the Dragon Pulse attack now contains the correct text.
  • Sharpedo-EX (XY—Primal Clash, 91/160): Using the Jagged Fang attack no longer prevents the game from progressing.
  • Shiftry (Black & White—Next Destinies, 72/99): Using the Giant Fan Ability on a Pokémon with the Theta Stop Ancient Trait no longer allows that Pokémon to remain in play after its HP is reduced to 0 or less.
  • Wide Lens (XY—Roaring Skies, 95/108): Attacks that ignore Weakness no longer benefit from the effect of Wide Lens.
  • Yanmega (XY—Phantom Forces, 4/119): The Surprise Strike attack now consistently does 50 more damage when the proper conditions are met.
  • Xerneas (XY, 96/146): The correct game prompt is now used for the Geomancy attack when only 1 Energy card remains in the deck.



  • The game log no longer uses the term Knocked Out when a Pokémon is discarded from play by a game effect.
  • The discard pile can now consistently be viewed throughout the match.
  • When your opponent takes a Prize card that is a Team Plasma card, it no longer appears with a blue outline in that player’s hand.



  • 10-card booster packs now properly appear as tradable in the Portuguese game client.
  • Very rare avatar items now appear with the proper colored background.
  • Cards from the Diamond & Pearl Series should no longer appear as selectable while creating a trade offer.



  • The selection for the Deck Sharing option no longer resets when the Apply button is clicked twice.
  • Adjusted FPS cap on the “Fastest” performance setting to improve hardware performance.
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