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[CLOSED] Looking to get rid of Base set cards!


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I have many cards from the first couple of Pokemon TCG sets released, here are a couple of them.






Raichu 14/102 Holo Rare, Base Set


Zapdos 16/102 Holo Rare, Base Set


Nidoking 11/102 Holo Rare, Base Set


Alakazam 1/102 Holo Rare Base Set


Poliwrath 13/102 Holo Rare, Base Set


*********** Edition 8/102 Holo Rare, Base Set


Venusaur 18/130 Holo Rare, Base Set 2


Nidoqueen 12/130 Holo Rare, Base Set 2


Pidgeot 14/130 Holo Rare, Base Set 2


Raichu 1st Edition 14/62 Holo Rare, Fossil


Zapdos 15/62 Holo Rare, Fossil


Looking for either trades or packs...


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The trouble is you aren't allowed to post any personal infromation so there isn't any way to trade/sell/give away real cards here. Plus it's against the rules. I suggest pokebeach for this sort of thing.


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Real-life trading is not permitted on forums since, as Pyre Dynasty said, players would have to exchange personal information and run a high risk of being scammed. That said, I have to close this thread, sorry!






Prof. Snow


Parasol Lady



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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