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what did the new maintence do


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I think it's important for as many people as possible to know that not EVERY time we go into maintenance that there will be game breaking changes to the site. In all honesty, most of the time the site is put into maintenance it's because we need to keep things running smoothly. Think of it as how one would feed their pet often, but infrequently take them to the vet.




However, there is a forum for just this sort of information:






It may not have information for every single instance of maintenance, but it will be the first place you hear about that sort of information. We'll keep the community as updated as often as possible sot hat all of you can see how your hard work in testing during this open beta has resulted in a much more finely tuned product!










"The game of life is not so much holding a good hand, but playing a poor one well."




Always feel free to contact the Pokémon Support Team at support@pokemon.com with any bug reports, concerns or issues.



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