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MY WANTS and My updated trade list


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I need 2 metagross, 1 zoroark, 4 DCE, 1 life herb, 3 professor oak's new theory, 2 professor elm's training method, 2 absol prime, 2 spiritomb




I have for trade


legends- top half suicune and entei x2, top half raikou and suicune x2, bottom half kyogre and groudon


primes- steelix prime, slowking, prime, lanturn prime x2, espeon prime, electrode prime


holo rare stage 2 with ability- samurott, emboar, reuniclus x2, kling klang x5


holo rare state 2 with poke-body or poke-power- porygon- z


holo rare stage 2- emboar x3, samurott x1, krookodile x2


holo rare stage 1 with poke-body or poke-power- venomoth, mismagius,


holo rare stage 1- espeon, gliscor, xatu, magmortar x2, deoxys x2


holo rare basic- pikachu, raikou,


trainers and supporters- rare candy x2, professor juniper, judge




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