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Dear Pokémon International


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By name is Berke, and my username is Berquet50. I am a Turkish person, and I love pokemon at this age of 17, and loved pokémon ever since pokemon blue version.


In Turkey, Pokemon is in a stalemate situation, neither it is banned nor it is encouraged.


Pokemon was a big deal in Turkey too, in 1999-2001. But then, a stupid little kid jumped off a window, screaming "I am a Pokemon!", and broke his legs. After that, Pokemon became an unpopular thing, and a thing to avoid by parents. Anime ran for the first 2 seasons, and banned, the cards came until Nintendo took over, and so on.


But in the recent years, there has been an increase in the popularity of Pokemon in Turkey. The Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS games are still sold, some 3+ aged toys are rarely found, and to my suprise, Anime is on once a week! (in Disney XD, which is a foreign channel, of course)


But you people forget something. Pokemon was popular a DECADE ago here! and people who LOVED pokemon, like me, are now TEENAGERS and ADULTS! There is no point in business, to export 3+ toys and stuff to Turkey, and doing only that.


I am begging, I am PLEADING to do something about the TCG. Pokemon TCG was really popular here 10 years ago, but until that "wipe", it went, and that stupid game starting with Y replaced it. there is tournaments, trading sessions and more, regarding that particular game, and MAN! it eats my heart out not to see that stuff going on for the greatest trading card game ever.




Dear Pokémon International inc., please bring Pokemon TCG to Turkey.




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Hey Berquet50!


Thanks for voicing your interesting story about the history of Pokémon's popularity in Turkey. We will take note of your feedback about the international presence of the Trading Card Game, and thank you for bringing it to our attention.






Döner Kebap Mod



"My cat can eat a whole watermelon!"


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Thanks a lot, Prof_Lorello, even though I am pretty sure nothing will change magically, I thought I should voice up. It's not like it won't sell there! It will sell like that y-game!


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