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How to Win at Public Trade


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Because of the Binder Problem, trading with specific people so nearly impossible that people don't want to do it. However, you can still get the cards that you need by creating Public Offers. I have succesfully bulit a really good deck by getting some of the cards through Public Trading. With these 3 tips of advice, you too can smartly get the cards that you want through Public Trade Offers.




1) Keep Offers as Simple as Possible.


You'll ideally want to keep your offers as close to a 1 for 1 deal as possible. You'll definately want to minimize what you ask in an offer. If you ask for too many cards in one offer, then that will narrow the pool of people that will be able to accept the offer. If you're seeking 3 different rares, then ask for each rare in 3 different offers. Of course, you can put as many cards as you would like at the top of the offer. But also make sure you don't do something such as giving away 3 different rares for only 1 generic rare.




2) Keep Offers Acceptable and Fair.


This is the trickiest point because you'll have to know what cards are worth. You'll want to offer enough incentive so that someone will eventually see it to their advantage to accept the offer. This means you'll want to carefully choose which card(s) to put at the top of an offer. Don't offer an extra copy of a Meganium, Typhlosion, or Feraligatr from one of the Basic Decks (everybody has these cards) for a Gengar Prime. Nobody will go for the bait. When I wanted a Dugtrio (a rare) to complete my deck, I chose to offer for it a Stoutland (another rare) that I had just picked up by accepting another Public Offer. I thought that Stoutland was a good enough card so that someone with a Dugtrio might want to give theirs up for it. I was right, and so I got my Dugtrio. Also, make sure that you're not giving away too much for too little. Don't give away a Magnezone Prime for just one half of a Legend or a generic rare.




3) Don't Ask For Free Cards


This should be common sense. However, I see plenty of offers (some of them by the same people) with a card at the bottom and nothing at the top. You'll never get the cards that you want this way. Just like I outlined in my second point, there has to be an incentive for someone to accept the trade. Offers that ask for free cards have absolutely none. Also, If you've read one of my posts on scamming, you'll know how I feel about Scam Trade Offers. PLEASE DON'T DO IT!!!




I hope that these tips will help some people. If anybody has an questions or additional suggestions on how to win at Public Trades, feel free to post them.


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