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[CLOSED] Pokemon Online Store/New Players Enter Here!-*Buying Packs?Read this first!*


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BEST DEAL! Tired of spamming in chat for cards you want? wasting time opening packs getting junk? Fear not! I will raise you on your last day!


Trading for your booster packs! *Most cards are in Stock*


*Warning*[/b]- No side trading, or offering your packs/cards to someone else in this thread






website[/url], Can't find any? Don't fret, Black and White:Emerging Powers will ALL contain a code to redeem a digital pack on this <a href="http://www.pokemontcg.com/shop]website[/url]. A code get you 10 cards, One of them holo, Chance for Ultra Rare, Good Luck!




¤Want to be the best? Then out collect the rest!¤


get the deck of the world champion!


Post what your buying, how many, and what your offering for them in this format.


post this at checkout.


<sup>BUYING: *insert card here*


HOW MANY: *insert amount*


TRADING: List the packs you are trading




AMOUNT:</sup>*apply discount if able*






Trading for random booster packs!




READ THIS-(Reccomend GH%*******_/strong>) if you can grab them.




Prices are set. (List to be updated!)




4igh 2 L0w






25x Random Booster Packs






15x Random Booster Packs






12x Random Booster Packs


or 8x Triumpant




Full Art Holo


1(X) x Random Booster Packs


X= Depends on which holo you select, ask seller.


Full Art Zekrom


Full Art Reshiram


Full Art Thundurus(Coming Soon)


Full Art Tornadus(Coming Soon)



Prime of your choice(Unless listed above)


Ask if they are in stock before purchasing.


(before asking if I have it in stock, you must have booster credits)


5x Random Booster Packs *max discount applied is 3*




Rare Candy


4x Random Booster Packs *max discount applied is 2*



Pokemon Collector


3x Random Booster Packs *max discount applied is 1*








**Post before check out.**


Discount -



Minus 1 pack


-Applied if you traded Two HeartGold & Soul Silver Pack or two Unleashed


Minus 2 pack


-Applied If you traded a Triumphant Booster Pack.


Minus 3 pack


-Applied if you traded a B/W Emering Powers Booster Pack.




*more discount


-if you bought more then 1


Special Deal


Buy more then 1, Knock off 10% off total price. Exp: Yanmega 25x, Now Yanmega


Buy more then 2, Knock off 15% off total price.


Buy more then 3, Knock off 25% off total price.




Buy equal to 4 of 1 card ,You get Greatly Reduce Price, Ask me for details(let me know what cards).


^Best deal in the house^








( Deals and Sales coming soon) Check on August 31st, 2011


*Requesting a Card from BW Emerging Powers? Request now, and Get Huge Discount on Release Date.


*If out of stock, Reserve for 1/2% off!! Get while deal is available




ALWAYS ASSUME I AM OUT OF STOCK(before asking if I have it in stock, you must have booster credits) BEFORE BUYING BOOSTER PACKS FOR HERE.




[Edited by: Prof. Snow]










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Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but this thread is far to close to soliciting/exchange for profit. It also appears to try to claim the heir of being an official Pokemon TCG Online Store, which may confuse some players. I will be shutting down this topic until further notice while I review it with my fellow mods.




**Please note that this thread is neither supported or endorsed by the Pokemon Company.




Prof. Snow


Parasol Lady



Need to report a bug or an issue? Submit a ticket to support.pokemon.com!


"I'm like a hunter of peace. One who chases the elusive mayfly of love... or something like that."


- Vash the Stampede




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