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"Show All" on the items tab reveals some rather interesting stuff...


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Before I say anything, you're going to need to know how to access it: Collection > "Items" tab (you should see a single coin here) > top filter toolbar option > Show All








And this reveals a drove of avatar items and other things, including some new coins, card sleeves, and a lot of placeholders (ignore then Undaunted packs, they're just placeholders for other items). You can use the filter the same way you do when sorting cards, and this in itself reveals some possibly distressing future developments for players hoping for a game free of microtransactions.








First up is the flavor text you get when hovering over the rarity symbols; they go (from left to right) free, low-value purchased items, medium level purchased items, and high leveled purchased items. These items also have a color associated with them: gray, green, blue, and purple. Now, it has been speculated that gems will be used to purchase items from the shop, and as such, these colors may be referring to gems; the fact that the "Pokémon Gems" item's description being "Purchase valuable Gems in the Shop!" supports this theory.








However, it seems that gems themselves are only under the blue category (the Pikachu sleeve being the only thing in the purple category), so that either means that gems are used for some other purpose and tokens being the currency used in the shop, or that the "Pokémon Gems" item is simply a placeholder and there will in fact be differently colored gems that can be bought with real money in the near future. Fingers crossed.








There is also a bit to learn from clicking on the items themselves, even if they don't look like a proper item at first glance. By doing so, lots of red Arceus coins take on different names and show that quite a few new coins are waiting in the wings to be released. Several "booster packs" simply turn out to be avatar items without a picture, disappointingly enough.








Three categories are currently blank: Figures, Decals, and Playmats. While those of you that were in closed beta may already know what Playmats are for and how to access them, the other two remain a mystery. My best guess about what the Figures will be is that they will be the same type of figures seen in the Avatar Items section; the figures, curiously enough, having the same styling and bottle cap stand as figures from the now defunct Pokémon Trading Figure game.








So has anybody else found something interesting in the Items tab?


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Well, I already expected cosmetical stuff would cost money, only cards being free. So that's the only thing I have my fingers crossed for (I really expected it'd be done at the beginning of open beta, but I was wrong with that).




Might as well add something here, but it'd be about the real-life TCG:




Seems the Zoroark/Excadrill halfdecks together will be called "Night Hunter". Look at the available PCDs and you'll see an unopenable deck without deckbox called that, which is Fighting/Darkness and speaks of Zoroark and Excadrill with their Trainer Kit attacks. Seems we know 1 extra card in it, with that being a different Zoroark: the one we have here, which can copy attacks. After all, just look at achievements: it speaks of copying an attack. It's not strange for achievements to only address very few cards: Power Play has an achievement that can only be achieved with Bianca when it's the only card in your hand. And if we indeed get that Zoroark as well, we'll likely get the current Excadrill as well.


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