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trust worthy traders topic.


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instead of the negtive let's think postive.


my trust worthy people are




wolverinechamp (sorry if i spell your name wrong) the 8 rares for the 2 primes you gave me were such a great deal plus you accepted all of those trades we made thank you very much. that made my day yestrday. and also the umbreon prime for my zorark was a sweet dead too.


cixphenx (sorry i forget your name) you made sweet deals too. i just can't rember what there were but it really helped out my deck.




if you see these people try to make a good deal with them if you can. i would make an untrust worth trade topic but i'm not... cause the mod's won't allow it. if i could i would.


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medium trades:


g9000 - vileplume for my aggron




minor trades:


poky2007 - I received luvdisc for my khangaskan


I also like to credit other players but their usernames are not showing up correctly in the partner field.


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