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DJPlace's Trade Topic Version 2 with more pics.


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ok here's my stuff i have to trade keep in mind through there are some cards has clones and i won't give all of them away i will need at least 2 or 1 of them depending on what i need to keep well here's my tradescardfortrade9.png




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now here are my want's. i only need one of each expect for the sepical enegry's so just ask and stuff.


also i have a meganium prime for trade.




here are my want's with pics






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also i need the oringal espeon and umbreon too sorry for too many post but this will be my last until someone makes an offer.


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I want:


1 Blindside Mandibuzz


2 Bite Eevee


3 Pokeball


3 Pokémon Communication


4 Potion


4 Juniper


1 Spinning Tail Feraligatr




And I'll give you:


1 Minun


1 Sharpshooting Misdeavus


1 Krokorok


1 Sableye


1 Glare Dunsparce


2 Cheerleader


1 Carnivine


1 Volbeat


1 Heracross






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