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My Wants & Trades!


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Hi. Here's a list of my wants and of my trades:






Pretty much any Prime card especially Yanmega Prime, Magnezone Prime, Mew Prime, Typhlosion Prime, & Donphan Prime.


Rare Candy


Rescue Energy


Pikachu from Black & White


Emboar w/ Ability










x2 Meganium Prime


x2 Surperior w/ ability (1 reverse holo)


Yanmega Prime (not really wanting to trade it, but will be willing to)


Ho-Oh Legend Top x3, Bottom x2


x3 Reshiram (not full art, I have 4 full arts, but am not looking at trading them unless the offer is good)


x2 Feraligatr Prime


x2 Shiny Gyarados


Kingdra Prime


x1 Lugia Legend Top, x3 Bottom


Shiny Kyogre


x2 Samurott w/ Ability


Ampharos Prime


x2 Zekrom, 1 is full art


x2 Crobat Prime


x4 Reuniclus, 1 is reverse holo


Machamp Prime


Absol Prime


x3 Zoroark


x2 Klingklang


x2 Blissey Prime


Darkrai & Cresselia Legend Top


Entei & Raikou Legend Top


Houndoom Prime


Palkia & Dialga Legend Bottom


Raikou & Suicune Legend Top


x1 Rayquaza & Deoxys Legends Top, x2 Bottom


Suicune & Entei Legends Bottom




I have more wants & trades. I'll update this post probably tomorrow with some more, if you need any common/uncommon, just ask, I probably have it. Thanks!














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For Feraligatr Prime, would you take two packs (of your choice)?



stop bringing up old threads most of these ppl probably don't even play anymore


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