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Bug/suggestion + Question


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OK, so I have noticed quite a few times when playing the Basic Green deck in trainer challenge that when Radicate accumulates excessive damage, it's Razor-Sharp Claws attack fails to work. It seems that when the damage is over 50, it does nothing and the opponent's turn starts. This needs to be fixed.


This leads me to a question. Even though there is only 1 damage counter on Radicate (a 50), the attack would still do 50 damage, right?


And a suggestion. I think the forums should be revamped so that instead of a large thread of topics, it is broken down into sections, sorta like organizing files on a computer.


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Thanks for your bug report and suggestion! To answer your question, yes, even though there is only one 50 damage counter on Raticate, that 50 damage counter is only a place holder for 5 damage counters, so it should do 50 damage.




I am noting down your bug report but please be sure to submit a ticket to the support portal in my signature regarding all bugs so that they can be tracked more efficiently.




Stay cool!




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Need to report a bug or an issue? Submit a ticket to support.pokemon.com!


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