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No way to submit bugs


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There's no submit button on the Ask a Question form. Is the latest version of FIrefox not support for bug submission reports?


Here's the bug:


Just tried to play a game using my newly unlocked fire B&W deck (red frenzy). Details:


- Emboar is asleep


- I play switch to switch in a powered-up Timburr


- Emboar does not retreat to the bench (Timburr and Emboar are shown lumped together as the active)


- Attack button is active, however,no attacks are listed as being available


- The action bar indicates I can place a pokemon on the bench, so I do (I now have 7 pokemon in play: 6 on the bench and 2 active)


All I can do is end my turn. I do this for a bit, get tired and close the browser.


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Glad to see people eager to report bugs to us while we are in this Beta process. And Prince_Ludwig is correct, if you do run into issues while playing please go to support.pokemon.com and submit a ticket. Thanks guys.


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