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Some notices about game engine


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As a game designer, flash developer and TCG player, i have some critical notices about current version of Pokemon online.




1) Most important: Availability of ALL game information to players during ANY game action.


For example: My active pokemon is knocked out and i need to choose one from bench. Right now, i cannot check enemy active and benched pokemons during this process. So, sometimes i can't make right decision. This is frustrating a lot.


Actually, what player needs all the time:


- Access to each pokemon in play info: HP current, HP Max, Energy, State, full PorePower/PokeBody text, full attacks text with costs, retreat cost, weakness, resistance.


- Access to his cards in hand.


- Access to each player discard pile (to check how much specific cards still lies in deck, for example).


- Access to game zones info: Number of cards in players decks/hands/discard piles.


For example: Opponent use Trainer and you need to switch your active pokemon with benched. Player need access to all info, he can check some opponent benched pokemon and opponent discard pile, for example, and make decision for trainer after that.


Even after player use Supporter and before he choose target for this Supporter, he need to have access for info (it's need for comfort play).


Situation when player need to make a choice and can't check all info (available to him with game rules) is a bad situation.




2) Multiclick problems.


Please, dont repeat "Maple Story TCG Online" mistake. Some players click on cards as soon as possible and game can crush in result. Actually, i'll see same problem in Trainer Challenge: you click fast and game freeze at some state in result with all cards and buttons unclickable.


Try to make all cards and buttons inactive after some action started and until current action is fully completed. Also, test your game engine with super fast clicking on everything all the time during development process.




3) Fullscreen option!


If soneone doesn't like it, he can just keep it turned off :) I think many player enjoy fullscreen mode, even with some noise from sprite resizing.




Thanks for your attention. I hope, my notices can help with game development. Good luck :)


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I'm sure they're working on being able to see the other's cards all the time. As for the Full Screen option, you can go into View in some browsers and click 'Full Screen'. You can also doing this by pressing F11, at least in Firfox.


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About fullscreen: F11 just remove browser buttons and panels, but game window still remain in same size.


Main profit from Fullsize option is a bigger game elements.


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I am liking the game a lot but also have some suggestions to improve it>




A Full screen mode(not just browser) would be awesome.


I would also like a comfirmation for trainer/attacks that discard your hand and shuffle it into your deck. I have accidentally clicked these cards a lot and lost my hand becaues of it.




I think the way magnificaiton works could be improved. instead of having a little button appear over the card to zoom in, just clicking anywhere on a card should zoom it in. another way to do it would be to have the cards work like a 'cover flow' where the selected card is larger and the cards to its sides both shrink the further away they are.




these are just minor interface improvements i think would make the game more fun. i cant wait to see how this game turns out, i am enjoying it a lot already just playing agianst the AI, speaking of which. i would like an AI enemy that plays "perfectly". sometimes even on hard the enemy wont pick a optimal attack or pokemon switch and will use potions for only 1 damage when it doesnt effect how many turns it takes to knock out the pokemon.


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Agreed with stuff beeing said here, except that I don't care about a fullscreen mode.


It would also be nice to always know what attack the oponent did. When it's a damaging attack, you have the animation with the attack name, but when it's an attack that, for exemple, switches your active pokemon with a benched one, it just switchs it and you don't really know what happened.


Another thing, it would be nice to be able to see the card data when a pokemon evolves, the same way it does when the opponent benches a pokemon. You can check his stats and attacks.


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