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[CARD] Entei (Ancient Origins #15) - The attack description for the Flame Screen attack contains a typo


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when using the main attack (fire wall?) it says on right of the screen that next 20 dmg will be adsorbed, but in the card's description it says 30 dmg.

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Just playing pctgo nd using entei described above in my deck,
instead of his first attack reducing damage by 30, it seems to only reduce 20.

Is this a known bug or does it need fixing??

It means my deck isnt as powerful as i'd hoped as I buillt it off this ability.


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Hi lBlAlRlClOlDlEl,


This is a known issue which the Dev team is working to correct, so I'll be closing this thread. As usual, we appreciate your patience until then and encourage you to create a new thread or submit a ticket via the link in my signature if you come across any other bugs.


Thanks for your report! :)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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