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Hello im looking for 3 psychic mirage gardevoir and 3 rare candies


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hello guys im trying to build a gallade gardevoir deck and i'm looking for 3 gardevoir with psychic mirage ability 3 rare candy 1 vs seeker and 2 computer search. if someone also has a spare mewtwo ex >_< im really needing 1.


here's my list of pokemon for trade:


aegislash 3x king shield

aegislash 1x buster swing

gardevoir 2x eternal radiance

gardevoir ex 1x

FA altaria 1x clear humming ability

ariados 1x poisonous nest ability

FA baltoy 1x future spin

FA golurk 1x double type ability

****yarados 1x

metagross 2x magnetic warp ability

FA metagross 2x

scorched earth 1x

rough seas 1x

Archie's ace in the hole 2x


you could also offer other cards for my list here if you want thanks!

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