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[GAME] Versus Mode - "You have become inactive" bug


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I frequently get a bug where the game will tell me that I am inactive and whenever I press resume it doesn't work and I lose. It's incredibly frustrating, especially due to all the tournament tickets I've lost because of it.


I even get the prompt when it's the other plays turn still, or the pop up will say "your opponent is inactive" during MY turn and the same thing happens. 

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Hey there Rikkari!


This is an ongoing issue which the Dev team has been working hard to track down. If you'd like to help further, we would appreciate if you could submit the following information via a support ticket:

  1. What time did this bug occur and what were the screen names of the user accounts involved?
  2. When it occurred, what action was being taken, what did you see?
  3. Did the client recover afterwards/recover gracefully? Did you get kicked to the login page, or soft-locked?
  4. Could you see any other activity on the playmat including timers ticking?
  5. Please validate that the Cammie pop-up occurred, reached zero, and that you remained in the game for a period of time afterwards.
  6. Please copy your game log into a text file and attach to this ticket. If you were unable to gather your game log, please provide the client version listed on your login screen.
  7. Your platform: PC, Mac or iOS?

You can create a support ticket by clicking the link in my signature, signing in, and clicking "Ask a Question".


Thanks for your report! :)

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