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Fun with Malamar-Ex...


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I've been using Malamar Ex in a lot of decks lately and have recently made some decks where she is more prominent. 


One is Malamar / Bats the other is Malamar / Noivern. Both are some of the most fun decks I've ever played. 


Malamar / Bats is:


4 Malamar Ex

4X4X4 Crobat line


4 Trick Coins


4 Dangerous Energy

4 Double Colorless Energy 

8 (or 6) Darkness Energy


The rest is kind of up to you.


This deck is a lot of fun since you are basically putting the opponent to sleep every single turn and then rolling the dice on every attack. The wild swings in attacks are kind of fun and Malamar ramps up to big potential damage pretty fast.


Malamar / Noivern


4X4 Noivern (Echolocation) 

2 Malamar Ex

1 Hydrogen Ex


2 Trick Coins 

4 Wally

4 Energy Switch (to move energy from Malamar to the active).


4 Double Dragon Energy 

4 Rainbow Energy 

8 Darkness Energy


Rest is up to you.


Unfortunately, the Trick Coins don't work on Echolocation (I thought they were going to), but it may still be worth it to run 3 or even 4 of them just to make it easier to get them for Malamar.


With Noivern the Echolocation ability says any time Noivern is attacked, flip a coin. If heads prevent all effects of the attack including damage. So you have a 50% chance of avoiding all attacks. 


If you put the active to sleep with Malamar with Noivern in the active, then you have only a 75% chance to be hit on the turn. Pretty awesome. With Noivern sitting there not taking damage most of the time, you can really rack up the damage with his attack that does 30 to every Pokemon. It's killer against decks like Metal, just hammering the Bonzongs. I've had turns with 3 and 4 knockouts in a  single turn with Noivern. 


Then, with Hydrogen you get free retreat on Noivern, so what I do is I'll rack up the damage with Noivern, and then if a big Ex or Mega is in the active, I'll load Malamar up with like 3 or 4 energy and a Trick Coin and then can usually take them right out. It's a really good combination.


These decks are some of the most fun decks I've played.

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