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Selling genesect landorus virizion and mewtwo ex


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Genesect Ex Reg = 4 packs (only 1)

Gensect Ex FA= 8 Packs (only 1)

Virizion Ex FA= 13 packs or shaymin ex (only one)

Landorus Ex reg= 10 packs

Mewtwo NX EX reg = 4 packs

Mewtwo EX promo = 3 packs

Celebi EX= 2 packs (no longer have celebi)

Magnezone EX= 1.5 packs

Plasma palkia EX FA= 2 packs


Thanks for reading, and if anyone is interested leave a post with ur username and we will trade when we both add each other. my prices are based on the overall price of the cards in this same forum. so i hope everything seems fine!


ign: zeleth


have a nice day!


edit: meant trading not selling, sorry english isnt my first lenguage!

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