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[GAME] Trainer Challenge - Kendall played a Robo Substitute and immediately discarded it, and other inopportune moves

Guest PapiDimmi

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Guest PapiDimmi

I was battling Kendall, and she put down a Robo Substitute [Team Flare Gare] on her Bench, and then she immediately discarded it.


Why.. why are the NPCs so stupid?


Edit: She also had a Raichu with Circle Circuit in play, so making its attack weaker makes no sense.


Edit2: I battles her again, and she put down a Darkness Energy on her Active Scrafty, and then immediately used an Energy Switch to move it to her Benched Dedenne.

If she did not do that, she wouldn't have wasted an Energy Switch, and she would've had enough Energy to knock me out in one hit.


Edit3: Now she put an Energy on her Scrafty which didn't need Energy to knock me out and which also had 10 HP left.


What is wrong with the NPCs? Were they not treated correctly as a child?

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