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[CARD] Regice (Ancient Origins #24) - The effect of the Resistance Blizzard attack wasn't removed when this Pokémon was sent to the Bench


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I had Regice as my active Pokemon. I used Resistance Blizzard because I was against a M Manectric EX.
My opponent had Swellow on his bench. He used its ability Drive Off to force my Regice onto the bench and bring out a Marhstomp I had on my bench.

Then my opponent used Lysandre to bring back Regice as my active Pokemon. Then he attacked with his M Manectric EX's Turbo Bolt.

My Regice took 0 damage.


Shouldn't my Regice have taken the 110 damage, because being placed on the bench should wipe out all effects that have been placed upon him?


I have the game log saved, but I can't post it.

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Hey there Trainers!


This is a known issue which the Dev team is working to resolve, so I'll close this thread. Thanks so much for your patience while this is being investigated! If you have any other bugs to report, please feel free to create a new thread or submit a ticket via the link in my signature. :)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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