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pokeyfolk wants common trading thread


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ok so here how it works, i tagged every common in the xy era(xy base set, flashfire, furious fists, phantom forces, primal clash, roaring skies, ancient origins) that i do not have. I need your help getting these cards listed below. for those of you who are wondering why i made this thread its because i need some help complete the sets in the xy era and the easiest way to do that is to get commons since they are really easy to get. i will update the list as soon as i can. over the next week or 2 i will be adding more commons that i need to add to the list, because my computer dont work well when i write too much at one time. i am quite aware that most of these cards are reverse foil. If you have any questions about the thread please feel free to post here in the thread. If you have some commons listed below feel free to post in this thread which ones you have and also feel free to send me a offer . ok here is the list:


card                                                         set                                                        features

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