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noob stuff help ^^


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Hi im total noob ^^ and im asking for help i passed all tutorials and know some rly basic skil so 1. of all deck construction i know that it needs 60 cards but i mean how much i should put energys in and such stuff




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I believe you only have the basic yellow deck in tcgonline :) it's in your "packs" tab of your collection, if you haven't checked. open it, and save it as a deck. now if you go to the deck builder and load the deck, you will see all the pokemon, energies and the trainers by quantities. also, I recommend you to play trainer challenge first, there you get to see many decks and play with one of three available pre-constructed decks; fire, grass and water. but if I'd give you some info about building, I'd say use 2 or 3 lines of pokemon, meaning, for example;


4 Turtwig 2 Grotle 1 Torterra


4 Chikorita 2 Bayleef 1 Meganium




These will be your main attackers. and use some other stuff to help you, like finding your attackers in the deck, or replenishing their health, or accelerating energy gains!




If you checked the stage 2 pokemon, you'd see that they have big energy costs. but that doesnt mean that you need to flood your deck with basic energies. basically, you have a trainer card for each need in the game! check the trainer cards out, and find which are the most beneficial. I'd say PONT, or prof. oak's new theory, and prof elm's training method are two of the greatest, they help you to get new cards and evolution cards that are hard to find just by drawing a card each turn. Trainer cards negate the luck fact of the game hugely!




There is no rule to have that many pokemon and that many trainer cards, but let me tell you my main deck's numbers:




17 Pokemon-23 Trainers-20 Energy


so really they are nearly equal :)




and don't forget that this is a TRADING card game! you should (or must if you are not okay to buy boosters until you have your main needs) trade with other people to improve your deck! for example, I have a scizor in my deck, but if I could have a scizor PRIME (which is stronger) my deck would be more fierce, that kinda stuff:)




I hope I didn't confused you, just wanted to help :) have fun playing PTCG!


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