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[GENERAL] Login - Error message "checking for client update", unable to load game


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Today I tried to open the PTCGO game and the "checking for client update" pop up appeared. However, it did not load and after a few seconds of checking an icon appeared and said "server error". The game was unable to connect to it's server and returned me to my laptops main screen.


Major questions:

1. Can this be fixed so I can play?

2. If it is suggested (which I fear it is) and I have delete the game and redownload it, will I loose all of my progress (including the epic deck I just constructed before all of this started)?

3. In case it is mentioned to click on the support portal link for me to report this, is the link safe? Is this as easy as reporting my problem here?

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Hi there!


Please know that you will never lose progress if you have to reinstall the game. Your collection and progress is all saved server-side and not on your computer.


While the Support Portal is safe, you may also email Customer Support at techsupport@pokemon.com. Contacting Customer Support is recommended when you need individual assistance for account issues.


In regard to the server error, I recommend that you update the following three programs:


  • Windows or Mac OS
  • Adobe Flash
  • Java


Please ensure that you have the newest versions of all three of the above, then reboot your computer.


Other tips...


Ensure that your Firewall (this includes Windows Firewall which is included with Windows) has exceptions for TCGO. This includes:

  • Pokemon Trading Card Game Online.exe
  • Refresher.exe

If you use a router and you start experiencing issues you may need to configure the outbound ports to allow the game to connect correctly. The following ports need outbound forwarding:

-5222 (Chat)

If you use a router that is separate from your modem, you can try bypassing the router and connecting your computer directly to your modem. If your modem is also your router, then you may have to check the ports by connecting to your modem.

If you do not know how to open ports for your router or modem, please use your favourite search engine to look for "Name of Modem / Router port forwarding".

Hope it helps!

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