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NOT THE BEES! - Vespiquen Deck (BCr-on)


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So one of the most hyped cards to come out of the new Ancient Origins set was a little Uncommon known as Vespiquen. It doesn't look like much at first glance, but when you read its second attack, Bee Revenge, you see something incredibly familiar about it. That's right, it's Flareon's Vengeance all over again! Of course, Vespiquen has several advantages over Flareon, which are:

Grass type. This allows it to hit for Weakness on a lot of today's big EXs, such as Seismitoad, Wailord, and Primal Groudon.

90 HP. This might seem bad at first, but the con of having 10 less HP is easily outweighed by the pro of being searchable by the now-reprinted Level Ball!

Free Retreat. This gives Vespiquen a lot more maneuverability compared to Flareon's two Retreat.

Forest of Giant Plants (AKA "Broken Vine-Space"). With this Stadium, Vespiquen can hit the field on the first turn, making it very deadly if you're going second.


I was able to build a deck around Vespiquen on release day, since I got my pieces just before trades went down. I've been refining it ever since, and this is the product I have now, for the short remainder of the Boundaries Crossed-on format.

Pokémon (24)

4 Combee
4 Vespiquen (Bee Revenge)
4 Unown (Farewell Letter)
4 Eevee
2 Flareon (Vengeance)
2 Flareon (Flare Effect)
2 Jolteon (Electric Effect)
1 Vaporeon (Aqua Effect)
1 Jirachi-EX


Supporters (9)

4 Professor Juniper/Sycamore
2 Lysandre
1 Colress
1 N
1 Blacksmith


Items/Stadiums (20)

2 Forest of Giant Plants
1 Computer Search
4 Battle Compressor
4 Level Ball
3 Ultra Ball
3 VS Seeker
3 Muscle Band


Energy (7)

4 Double Colorless Energy
3 Fire Energy


Deck Overview

Combee: Needed to evolve into Vespiquen. Prefers to evolve immediately because unlike Vespiquen, IT HAS A RETREAT COST.

Vespiquen: The main attacker of the deck. As mentioned above, this little Uncommon has ridiculous destructive potential, especially with the partners it has here.

Unown: Being the return of Unown R (insert "coming out of RETIREment" joke here), Unown is perfect in this deck, as it provides a nice blend of draw power and Bee Revenge fuel.

Eevee: Needed to evolve into one of the many different Eeveelutions in this deck. The Eeveelutions are matchup-dependent; what isn't needed in each matchup is discarded to fuel Bee Revenge.

Flareon (Vengeance): This guy's here as a secondary attacker, since four Vespiquen isn't enough sometimes. Mainly used against decks that don't rely heavily on EXs, like opposing Vespiquen decks. This guy will be hard to replace once the rotation hits.

Flareon (Flare Effect): This guy makes Vespiquen part Fire-type. This allows it to hit for Weakness against things like Mega Sceptile and Metal decks, and also enables the use of a certain card lower on this list.

Jolteon: Makes Vespiquen and Flareon part Lightning-type, allowing them to hit things like Mega Rayquaza and Yveltal for Weakness.

Vaporeon: Makes Vespiquen and Flareon part Water-type, letting them hit things like Landorus for Weakness. There aren't that many Water-weak threats out there, so Vaporeon's less important.

Jirachi-EX: With the many Poké-searching cards in this deck, I felt Jirachi would provide a nice boost in consistency. I prefer this over Shaymin-EX because it's more flexible and searchable by Level Ball. Of course, once the rotation hits, Shaymin will have to replace it anyway.

Juniper/Sycamore: The main draw Supporter of this very discard-heavy deck. Not much more to say.

Lysandre: Lets you drag up whatever you want, like in literally every deck.

Colress: Mainly here to draw without discarding, especially against decks with Sky Field.

N: Another shuffle-draw Supporter that can also enable comebacks against opponents who take too many Prizes.

Blacksmith: This card might seem weird in a not-Fire deck, but in a pinch, it can charge up Flareon, and even Vespiquen under Flare Effect! This is especially nice against things like Aegislash-EX. I saw someone use this combo in their Vespiquen deck, and I HAD to try it.

Broken Vine-Space: Allows Combee to evolve immediately if I have Vespiquen in hand. Simple as that.

Computer Search: The best ACE SPEC in the game. 'Nuff said.

Battle Compressor: Enables me to discard what Pokémon I don't need in order to power up Bee Revenge. Can also make the Flare Effect Blacksmith combo possible if I really need it.

Level Ball: Searches out almost everything in the deck for free, the only exception in this case being Vengeance Flareon.

Ultra Ball: For extra searching, as well as discarding from the hand.

VS Seeker: A staple in every deck, letting me re-use Supporters that I might need again. Also combos well with Battle Compressor.

Muscle Band: Increases the damage of my attacks. A prime example of the beauty of simplicity.

Double Colorless Energy: The main source of Energy in this deck, powering up Bee Revenge and Vengeance in one attachment.

Fire Energy: Basic Energy in general is nice to have against Special Energy hate cards, particularly Aegislash-EX. Fire Energy can be Blacksmithed onto an attacker right away.

So that's how I choose to build Vespiquen for now. I'm just wondering what to do when the rotation hits.

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I was kinda struggling for space in this deck, so I couldn't fit things like Audino. Or Exeggcute. Or Trainer's Mail. You'd think 60 cards would give a deck more wiggle room than this. XD

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Guest Pale-Rider88

From experiance from trying this list I found that running 3 ultra ball was a little much, I always used level ball to search for my things rarely using flareon as an attacker. I would defiantly suggest only running 1-2 Ultra balls. Also I feel as if trainers mail is a must have in this deck as you can search for battle compressors or level ball with it very handy imo but other than that nice list. :)

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