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LF Dialga EX (metal) Aggron EX M-Aggron EX, Drilbur (Primal Clash), Ancient Trait Excadril.


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I'm no longer looking for Dialga EX. Now I'm looking for Jirachi EX and the Aggron line.


I'm not interested in cards that will be rotated out soon besides Float Stone.


I have a grass Shaymin EX, in the EX department. I have multiple FoGP, 2x Solar Birth Volcarona, 1x Evolution Togekiss, 1x Stop Golurk 3x draw engine Unown, 1x Stop Volcarona. and more.


Hit me up with an offer. Trying to build my second decent deck here folks. Feel free to check my binder as I have a few more possibly good cards for Grass or Fire builds. As well as a few Sceptile Spirit Links and Tyranitar Spirit Links.


A more comprehensive list of what I have available and am currently looking for is available in the "The Public Trading Zone" thread.

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