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Trevenant EX / Sceptile (Nurture and Heal)


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3 Trevenant EX

3-3-3 Sceptile (Nurture and Heal)

3-2 Ariados

1 Sceptile EX


1 Sparkling Robe

3 Healing Scarf

4 Forest of Giant Plants

3 Professor's Letter

4 Birch

4 Sycamore

3 VS Seeker

4 Ultra Ball

1 Rare Candy

1 Wally

2 Evosoda


12 Leaf


Trevenant becomes crazy potent as you attach energy using Nurture and Heal, with Healing Scarf you are ***************** and attaching an energy, it can attack for 1 energy early on and prevent poisoned opponents from retreating. Sceptile is your back up anti-Aero Ball attacker. Trevenant EX is constantly being healed as you pump it up. Thoughts?

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