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Machamp/Ariados XY Format


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This deck probably isn't competitive...I put together a primitive list and hopefully you guys can help me make it better.



Machamp ex x3

Spinarak x2

Ariados x2

Landorus x4

Lucario ex x1

Hawlucha x1

Shaymin ex x2



Sycamore x4

Professor Birch x2

Korrina x4

Ace trainer x1

Lysandre x2

VS seeker x4

Battle compressor x2

Ultra ball x3

Professor letter x1

Switch x1

Escape rope x1

Muscle band x2

Focus sash x1

Exp share x1

Head ringer x1

Fighting stadium x2

Scorched earth x1

Silent lab x1



Fighting x7

Strong x4


Any help would be much appreciated!

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