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B50's self-proclaimed trade bonanza!


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EDIT: I accidentally created this on the general discussion thread. Please see the trading forum for the real one, and please somebody lock this:)










The time I wrote this trade system was down. I hope it'll get back up soon so I'll trade :)


oh, and ctrl+f is your friend :)




...only consists of the rare-or-rarer cards that B50 has. Check my binder in-game to see my other cards for trade!


Ledian HS
Tropius UD
Darmanitan BW
Emboar BW (non-ability)
Floatzel UL
Kyogre CL
Pachirisu CL
Gengar PRIME
Mismagius UD
Scolipede BW
Wobbuffet HS x 2
Hitmontop HS
Machamp TR
Honchkrow UD (have one of each)
Scrafty BW
Weavile UD
Clefable CL
Cleffa HS
Ditto TR
Farfetch'd HS
Stoutland BW
Unfezant BW
Snorlax CL
Togekiss UD x 2
Zangoose CL
Bronzong TR
Darkrai&Cresselia LEGEND Top x 2
Espeon CL
Kyogre&Groudon LEGEND Top
Lanturn UL
Scizor UD
Slowking HS
Slowking PRIME



I will list my most wanted here since I need many things! (Multiples are ignorable if you have less for trade)[/i]


Pokémon Communication x 2
Rare Candy x 4
Poliwhirl UL x 2
Poliwrath UL x 2
Poliwag UL x 4
Gastly TR x 4
Haunter TR x 2
Donphan PRIME x 3
Meganium PRIME x 4
Celebi PRIME x 3
Gengar PRIME
Double Colorless Energy x 3
Banette TR
Machamp TR
Shuppet TR



That's it for now! Have fun and please don't blame me because I like listing stuff :)




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