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A new suggestion on how to deal with breaking down trade-locked cards into something more useful.


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I know this sort of thing has been suggested a million times, but I have a new idea on how to go about doing it.


Okay, first of all, you would be breaking cards down into a new currency, which for the sake of this example, we will call Scraps.


However to break down your cards into Scraps, you need to feed them through the Scrap Machine, a device which costs tokens to operate. Here's an example of what types of cards would cost how many tokens to break down, and how many Scraps each would be worth.


Common = 1 Token = 1 Scrap (Reverse Holo +1 Scrap)


Uncommon = 3 Tokens = 3 Scraps (Reverse Holo +2 Scraps)


Rare = 5 Tokens = 10 Scraps (Reverse Holo +10 Scraps


Ultra Rare = 15 Tokens = 50 Scraps


Secret Rare = 30 Tokens = 100 Scraps


Basic Energy cards could not be broken down into Scraps. Special Energy would be based on their rarity just like Pokemon and Trainer cards.


Then, and here's the new idea I had - you can spend Scraps to buy specific cards that you want! (They would still be trade-locked)


In the Scrap Shop, there would be various listings where you could buy cards which could be considered useful for competitive battles. Some examples of Scrap Shop prices include...


Uncommon Trainer = 15 Scraps


Uncommon Special Energy = 20 Scraps


Rare Pokemon = 50 Scraps


Ultra Rare Pokemon = 125 Scraps 


The listings of what is available would change weekly, so it would allow players to break down their unwanted cards and then convert them into something actually useful. What do you think?

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It should be very difficult to get a reward from recycling those cards 


Should not be easy and disable free codes that give free Trade lockcards

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That Method to easy...Should make a harder (Beside paying with real money)


Is time for the Staff to disable Rallying Cry Multiple redemption if this suggestion is passed and any card gained from Rallying Cry Card should not be exchangeable.

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I whole heartedly agree with this. I believe that pokemon should copy hearthstone in this regard. We should be able to use the extra non tradeable cards to something" productive". We "should" be able to destroy excess cards.I see at least 2 "good" ways of using these cards.

1)gaining tokens from destroying cards -> we could buy boosters until lady luck smiles upon us

2)Adding a new resource, like hearthstone, then using it to craft a new card

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This is a really interesting idea, to expand what I could see from this system is that the scraps you get are actually scrap pieces of specific cards given randomly (maybe from cards of the same rarity or the same set as the card scrapped) and you can trade scrap pieces to build up the full card that you want but when the full card is built up it's still locked.

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