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2.30 Patch Notes | August 12, 2015


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Version 2.30





  • Support added for the XY—Ancient Origins expansion, bringing more than 90 new cards to the game.
  • Optimizations to improve game performance on earlier generation iPad devices.
  • Stability improvements to reduce the frequency of invalid inactivity popups and disconnections during matchmaking. 
  • Improved messaging when a disconnection occurs.


  • Players may now view the contents of an opponent’s deck at the conclusion of a match.
    • Players can use the Options menu to select the game modes in which the contents of their decks can be viewed by opponents.

  • A deck list can be copied from the Deck Manager to the clipboard while building or editing a deck using the Export Deck button, then pasted into an email or forum post to share it with others. 
  • A deck list generated by the game can be copied from an email or forum post to the clipboard and imported into the Deck Manager to automatically build a copy of that deck.
    • The game will replace an unowned card with another version of the same card from the Collection, or a placeholder card if another version is not available.



  • Code cards found in physical XY—Ancient Origins booster packs and theme decks can be redeemed in the Shop to unlock a digital booster packs and theme decks from the same expansion.


  • Custom decks can now include unowned cards, represented by black and white placeholder versions of the cards. Decks containing placeholder cards cannot be used in any game mode.


  • Improved visibility of Energy Affinity progress while choosing a new Daily Challenge.


  • Expanded card attribute filter options.


  • Corrected an issue which caused valid selections to be hidden after clicking the Use Ability button during gameplay.
  • Corrected an issue which occasionally prevented the selection prompt from properly appearing when required by the effect a card.
  • The screen name search bar is once again present when selecting a partner for a Private Trade.
  • The Report Player feature now works properly in all chat lobbies.
  • A warning popup now correctly appears when nearing the maximum Trainer Token limit.
  • The search bar now works properly while viewing Avatar items in the Collection.
  • Regirock (PR #XY49): This card can now be added to a custom deck.


After playing the new version 2.30, please visit the Feedback Forum to post your feedback.

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