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Mega Gallade EX Deck Advice


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Hi everyone, 


I've been a fan of Pokémon since my childhood, but only recently got into the TCG. 


I'm currently considering building a deck based around Mega Gallade EX. Due to my

inexperience, I want to know what some more seasoned players think of my idea and 

its viability, as well as any improvements or tweaks that might be useful. I would appreciate 

any advice you all can give me! Thanks!


-Kid Tango



Deck List:



Pokémon (15):


3x Eevee

3x Team Plasma's Espeon

4x Gallade EX

4x Mega Gallade EX

1x Deoxys


Trainer Cards (26):


2x Pokémon Center Lady

1x Team Flare Grunt

2x N

1x VS Seeker

1x Psychic Stadium (Not the real name)

1x Super Rod

2x Professor's Letter

1x ACE SPEC Card (Spiky Rock)

2x Pokémon Fan Club

4x Rocky Helmet

3x Gallade Spirit Link

3x Escape Rope

2x Energy Search

1x Steven

1x Random Receiver


Energy (19):


2x Double Colorless Energy

2x Mystery Energy

14x Psychic Energy

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Okay, first of all cutt down on energy tto about 10.Then, replace espeon line with a flashfire fortress line. Also, add professor sycamore and ultra ball, they are must haves. Up your n, dimension valley and vs seeker counts, consider mega turbo, and replace rock guard with scoop up cyclone, dowsing machine or comp search, they are better,

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A list would be this:


4 Gallade EX

4 Mega Gallade EX

4-4 Fortress line ( Flashfire)

1 Jirachi EX

2 Shaymin EX

1 Sigilyph

1 Mewtwo EX


4 Ultra Ball

4 Professor Sycamore

4 Vs Seeker

1 Scoop Up Cyclone

1 AZ

4 N

3 Gallade Spirt Link

3 Dimension Valley

2 Battle Compressor

3 Mega Turbo

1 Colress


9 psychic

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