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Server Update | August 5, 2015


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On August 5, 2015 the Pokémon TCG Online Game Server was updated with the following changes:

Server update in preparation for 2.30.0 game client update, including several server-side bug fixes for known issues.


  • Server stability improvements to reduce the frequency of disconnects.
  • Theme decks can no longer be selected in the Expanded or Unlimited formats.


  • Eevee (FFI #80): The Energy Evolution Ability now properly provides the option to use its effects when a basic Energy card is attached to Eevee.
  • Flygon (BCR #99, PR #BW53): The Sand Slammer Ability now properly activates if Flygon is Knocked Out by an effect between turns.
  • Inkay (ROS #41): Cards chosen while using the Rip Off attack no longer appear face up in the opponent’s hand when drawn on a later turn.
  • Professor Birch's Observations (PRC #134, PRC #159): This card now be played when there are 0 cards remaining in the deck.
  • Team Aqua’s Muk (DCR #8): The effects of the Sludge Festival Ability now properly end when this card leaves play.
  • Team Aqua’s Secret Base (DCR #28): The effects of this Stadium now properly end when it leaves play.
  • Victini-EX (PLS #18, PLS #131, LTR #24): The Energy cards selected while using the Turbo Energize attack are no longer attached in the wrong order.
  • Wobbuffet (PHF #36): The effects of the Bide Barricade Ability now properly apply to all Pokémon that are not Psychic Pokémon.

Additional bug fixes will be included in the 2.30.0 game client update scheduled for August 12th.


Note: This Update List originally included the below item, however that fix requires a client change that will go out with the update to version 2.30 scheduled for August 12th:

  • Regirock (PR #XY49): This card can now be added to a custom deck.
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