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Suggestion to make the client better


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Hey Devs,


1 - In the tade section, after browsing the list of the available offer and accept one, the player  would have to go throught the entire list all over again specially if he was browsing offers at the end of the list. It would be great if the player can return to place he was after accepting a trade.


2 - Deck Boxes: having colored deck boxes is great way to help players in arrenging their decks. Please consider adding more color combination to the exsited collection, and add pink color deck box for the fairy type since there is red for fire, blue for water ect.....


3 - Add Colorless challenge: the latest expansion was all about colorless type, having a challenge for it along the other type challenges would be a great addition.




Thank you for all the effort you are putting to make the game client better

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Hey fmardini!


Thanks for your suggestions! The last two have been suggested before, but I think they're all great ideas! :) I'll submit them to the Dev team for consideration and leave this thread open in the meantime for further discussion.


As always, we appreciate your input!

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