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If You Could Create a LEGEND Card...


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Pokémon LEGEND cards are a nice addition to the trading card game. They have incredible artwork, powerful attacks and abilities, and some can deal serious damage to EX cards (Lugia LEGEND being a brilliant example of this).


However, not all Legendary Pokémon got a chance to have a LEGEND set of their own, so I thought I would create a fun little topic where people can create their own LEGEND card.


I'll go first as an example:




Name of Card: Azelf, Mesprit & Uxie.

Type: Psychic.

HP: 130.

Ability? Yes.

Ability Name and Description: Psychic Link - Once during your turn (before you attack) you may shuffle your hand into your deck and draw the same number of cards your opponent has in his or her hand.

Attack Cost: 3x Psychic Energy.

Attack Name, Power and Description: Power of the Lake - 80+ - Does 10 more damage for each Psychic Energy in your hand.

Resistance: None.

Weakness: Psychic.

Retreat Cost: 3x Energy.

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Name of Card: Diancie

Type: Fairy

HP: 120

Ability? Yes

Ability Name and Description: Heart Diamond-Once during your turn (before you attack), you may remove thirty damage from one of your benched Pokemon or protect Diancie from an attack dealing under sixty damage.

Attack Cost: 3x Fairy Energy

Attack Name, Power, and Description: Diamond Shower-60+ damage-Flip a coin six times. Deals 60 damage for every head.

Resistance: Dragon

Weakness: Poison

Retreat Cost: 2x Energy

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