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Sorting cards; more filters.


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Okay, next suggestion from my brain, I would love more sorting options.

I'd like one to find all pokemon with ability's - one that search's for "Team Plasma" or "Team (X)" - the search for cards is - not great so I propose a search for "attack text" and "search for name" that would let me find the attack name I want easier - for trainer cards a "search text" would be great as well it sort of kind of sometimes works - but not always. 


Also since that one card is banned why not just poof it out of existence? 


On a side note for the energy - this sort of plays into my other thread where I grumbled about locked cards - do I really need alternate versions of dark energy? Just collapse all the energy into one stack - sparkle pretty energy or cool art energy - eh, maybe that can be a thing you can buy with coins like you can for your avatar things. 


That is all thanks.




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Me also want search filters to filter the following type of cards :-


  • Secret Rares
  • Reverse Holos
  • Non-Holo
  • Cracked Ice Holo

And thanks for raising up the suggestion :)

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