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Looking for 3x SR Charizard.


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In exchange for them, I am offering any card(s) in my binder or packs.



  • 4x Roaring Skies.
  • 3x Phantom Forces.
  • 3x Primal Clash.
  • 2x X&Y Base.


(Please comment on here if you would like to trade for the packs as at the moment they have not been redeemed).



I also have a number of EX cards (1 EX card only, depending on the card itself).


  • Black Kyurem (Non-FA, Dragon Fang and Freeze Shock).
  • Camerupt (Non-FA).
  • Emolga (FA).
  • Emolga (Non-FA).
  • Hawlucha.
  • Heatran (FA).
  • Kyogre (FA, Water Pulse and Giant Whirlpool).
  • Kyurem (Frozen Wings and Hail Blizzard, NXD and LT).
  • Kyurem (Outrage and Giga Frost).
  • Latios (Non-FA, Fast Raid and Light Pulse).
  • Lugia (FA).
  • M-Rayquaza (Non-FA, Dragon).
  • Magnezone (FA).
  • Meloetta (Non-FA).
  • Meloetta (FA).
  • Moltres.
  • Palkia (FA).
  • Raikou (Non-FA).
  • Sharpedo (FA)
  • Shaymin (FA, Legendary Treasures).
  • Team Magma's Groudon.
  • Thundurus (Non-FA, Headlock and Voltage Rush).
  • Tornadus-EX (FA, Windfall and Jetblast).
  • Trevenant (Non-FA).
  • Victini (Non-FA, Plasma Storm and Legendary Treasures).
  • White Kyurem (Non-FA, Slash and White Inferno).
  • Xerneas (Non-FA, non-promo).
  • Zekrom (Non-FA, Legendary Treasures and Next Destinies).
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I now have the Charizards. If a moderator could please close this thread I would appreciate it.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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