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[GAME] Collection - Two League Skyla cards exist in the game


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I have encountered a bug or whatever it is that i can see two different league skyla's in collection with pokemon league logo and both card shows 2012 as the year . I have asked my friend about it but she says that its impossible that two different league skyla's can exist so i request pokemon team to give me clarification on why there are 2 different pokemon league skyla's in collection  -_- .


Total Skyla which i can see when checked owned and not owned options :-


  • Full Art Skyla
  • Regular Art Skyla
  • Reverse Foil Skyla
  • Pokemon League Skyla (1)
  • Pokemon League Skyla (2)


So total there are 5 different skyla's which i can see in collection :)



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Hey Aniketdianafury,


for this game that shouldn't be an error. Both the Skylas came out with different league codecards (no - I can't remember anymore from which they were - too many league cards came now into the game and the first complete two seasons I hadn't wrote down which card from each season codecard came).

That's the reason why we have two league Skylas.


Just a sidenote for the record: We have multiple league energies that are identical too, I mean the ones from the BW base set which are here: grass, fire, water lightning and psychic. This makes no sense at all as in between we have league energies without any set number and some league energies from XY base set.

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Thanks mefftu for the answer , upon checking on bulba i got to know this :-




Online Codes

During the 2012-2013 season online codes for special league promos were introduced. These code cards can be used in the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online and rewarded the player with a set of digital league promo cards. New code cards were distributed for the 2013-2014 season, albeit only 1 could be obtained by a player at each league, as opposed to 4.

  • Chespin Season: 4 Grass Energy, 2 Nincada, 2 Ninjask, 1 Skyla
  • Fennekin Season:
  • Froakie Season: 2 Magikarp, 2 Gyarados, 1 Bianca, 4 Water Energy.
  • Xerneas Season: 1 Reshiram EX, 2 Reshiram,
  • Yveltal Season: 1 Zekrom EX, 2 Zekrom,
  • Chesnaught Season:
  • Delphox Season: unknown
  • Greninja Season: unknown
  • Aspertia Gym Season: 2 Lillipup (BCR # 120), 1 Aspertia City Gym, 4 Fire Energy card
  • Virbank Gym Season: 2 Venipede (BCR # 72), 1 Full Heal (BLW #95), 4 Psychic Energy card
  • Castelia Gym Season: 2 Swadloon (NVI # 2), 1 Pokemon Catcher (EPO #95), 4 Grass Energy card
  • Nimbasa Gym Season: 2 Emolga (DRX # 45), 1 N (NVI #92), 4 Lightning Energy card
  • Driftveil Gym Season: 2 Sandslash (BCR #79), 1 Rocky Helmet (NVI #94), 4 Fighting Energy card
  • Mistralton Gym Season: 2 Swanna (DEX #36), 1 Skyla (BCR #134), 4 Metal Energy card
  • Opelucid Gym Season: 2 Flygon (BCR #99), 1 Heavy Ball (NEX #88), 4 Darkness Energy card
  • Humilau Gym Season: 2 Wailord (DRX #26), 1 Super Rod (NVI #95), 4 Water Energy card


So i agree whatever you said that 2 different league skyla's are from different events so hopefully its not a bug. I was a bit confused when someone said me that 2 league skyla's cannot exist , well thanks for your help buddy and any mod can close this thread.

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Hey there!


As this isn't a bug, I'll be closing this thread. Thanks for checking on that, Aniketdianafury~! :)

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