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Welcome to Kongboi Deck Shop

CEO: Kongboi


Trading Staff: Kongboi

This Shop only trade a compete deck

(without Ace Spec, Double Colorless Energy, and Regular Energy) for packs.

You can choose if you don't want to include Trainer cards in when you order.





When you order a deck you get Yveltal EX Promo.



I'll be doing pack value.
This is how pack value work. For example, you have XY Base packs and you to want to trade for Seismitoad EX deck then you will have to trade 130 XY Base packs instead 65packs because XY Base pack value is 0.5pack to 1 standard pack.

Pack Values:

HgSs - COL = 20packs
Black and White Base = 1.5packs
Emerging Power = 0.5packs
Noble Victories = 1.25packs
Next Destines = 1pack
Dark Explorers = 1pack
Dragons Exalted = 1pack
Boundaries Crossed = 1pack
Plasma Storm = 1pack
Plasma Freeze = 1.5packs
Plasma Blast = 1pack
Dragon Vault = 0.75pack
Legendary Treasures = 0.75pack
XY Base = 0.5pack
Flash Fire = 0.5pack
Furious Fists = 0.75pack
Phantom Forces = 0.75pack
Primal Clash = 0.75pack
Roaring Skies = 1pack
Tournament Chest = 0.5pack



Trade Deck List:

Regular Art = RA, Full Art = FA, Holo Revert = HR

Donphan Deck: 23packs

Pokémon: 10packs
-Phanpy x4
-Donphan x4 (1 HR)
-Hawlucha x2
-Sigilyph x2
-Groudon EX Promo 

-P Groudon EX (RA)
-Enhanced Hammer x2
-Professor's Letter
-Robo Substitute x2
-Starting Megaphone
-Trainers Mail x2
-Ultra Ball x3
-VS Seeker x3
-Korrina x3
-Lysandre x2
-N x2
-Professor Sycamore x4
-Fighting Stadium x4
-Float Stone x3
-Muscle Band x2
-Head Ringer x2
-Strong Energy x4
-Double Colorless Energy x3
-Fight Energy x3

Rayquaza EX / Metal Deck: 67packs

Pokémon: 60packs
-Rayquaza EX Colorless x3 (RA)
-M Rayquaza EX Colorless x3 (RA)
-Shaymin EX from RS x3 (RA)
-Aegislash EX x2 (RA)
-Cobalion EX (RA)
-Keldeo EX Promo
-Bronzor x3
-Bronzong x3
-Ace Spec Computer Search
-Sacred Ash
-Trainers Mail x3
-Ultra Ball x3
-VS Seeker x3
-Colress x2
-Lysandre X2
-N x2
-Professor Sycamore x4
-Sky Field x4
-Float Stone x2
-Rayquaza Spirit Link x3
-Double Colorless Energy x4
-7 Metal Energy

There will be Deck adding and remove.

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