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How Do You Choose?


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In the games you have to choose you name and sence C Verison your Gender, how do you guys choose who to play as, and what to call them, or even your starter?




Me I usally name my characters after characters from the show, or the male verison of my name (like in games before C Verison) Marshal. But even after C, I still played as the boys in one of the two versions (these games and the lego ones, seem to be the only ones I like) I just figure, it took someone along time to create that sprit, so I might as well use it.






Red - Marshal (Male Verison of Name) - Bulbasuar - I heard it made the game easyier


Blue - Ash (I was watching the show at this point) - Charmander - I wanted a Charazard


Yellow - Richie (Once again the show) - Pikachu (Dah)


Gold- Tracy (After the show) - Cyndaquil - Thought he was qute


Silver - Marshal (Male Verison) - Chicarita - My brother had Totodile, I had Cyndaquil, so to have all three, I choose her


C Veriosn - Marsha (First Girl, and My Name) - Cyndaquil - I liked him the best of the three


Red 2 - Tracy - After Gold Verison died - Bulbasur


Ruby - Ivysaur (for the fun of it) (Male) - Mudkip - thought he was cute (but I restarted Ruby)


Ruby - Saphire (Sapphire would not fit, and that is the name of the female trainer in the comics) - Mudkip


Sapphire - Pikachu (for the fun of it) - Torchic - because I had Mudkip and my brother had Treeko


Emerald - Pippin (Lord of the Rings) - Mudkip - because he became my favorite starter from that series


Firered- Marshal (In hornor of Red) - Bulbasaur - In honor of Red


LeafGreen - Ashly (My middle name) - Squritle - wanted it to be easier then blue was


Diamond - Eragon (After the Movie) - Turtwig - Liked him the best


Pearl - Rose (Doctor Who) - Chimchar - brother had Pimplub


Platinum -


HeartGold - Tracy (in hornor of Gold) - Cyndaquil


SoulSilver - Katara (Avatar) - Chicarita


Black - Marshal - Snivy (wanted Oswhott for white, and brother had the Tedpig)


White - Rose (Doctor Who) - Oswhott (like him the best)






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Well, I'm pretty bad at naming people, so I usually called my player Ash, by color (Blue, Red, etc), or by my own name.




As for Pokemon, I don't give nicknames to them until after beating the Elite Four (so that I can learn their real names), and then I'll name them based by their attack's name. Like Squirtle/Blastoise would be BubbleBeam. (Bubblebeam looks really epic in Red/Blue version, lol.)




Cyndaquil/Typhlosion: FlameWheel (looks cool IMO)


Torchic/Blaziken: BlazeKick


Piplup/Empoleon: PrinceSurf (Surf looks cool) <img src="http://www.pokemontcg.com/javascripts/fckeditor/editor/images/smiley/png/teeth_smile.png" alt="" />


Oshawott/Samurott: Still in the middle of White version. Not a lot of cool/interesting attack so far. <img src="http://www.pokemontcg.com/javascripts/fckeditor/editor/images/smiley/png/cry_smile.png" alt="" />


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my sister named her chimchar beauty.and it was a boy.but she,s really bad at it and restared the game a bajillon times.sad_smile.pngi orginally called my chimchar/infernape eve and it was a boy.still its a good name.like darkness eve, night eve.


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The book Eragon is much better than the movie.... Anyway, I always name my character Wiggin because I think it is a cool and quirky name. It is the last name of one of my favorite book's, Ender's Game, main character


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I ususally draw my player names from my stories. To remind myself that I should probably be writing instead of playing pokemon all day.




I always choose the water starter. My sister always chooses the fire starter, and my nephew always chooses the grass starter. Once we are able to breed we trade around.


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I used to named my trainer name after one specific nickname that i was given by my friends


but now i just do a name that i think sounds cool




Pokemon wise...




I used to name my pokemon whatever my trainer name was, then name it 2.0 3.0 etc.


heres an example


Trainer: Bob


Starter: Bob


Pokemon: Bob 2.0


Pokemon: Bob 3.0


Pokemon: Bob 4.0


but eventually i got to 106.0 and i decided to be a little more creative


nowa days i either look up the name in japanese or name it something that sounds cool like my starter in white:"






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I usually name the player character my real name, unless I have another game from that generation, then I just give the character a different name. Otherwise it'd be confusing when I trade between them.


  • Blue: My real name (all caps)
  • Crys'tal: CHRIS (I don't really know why! XD)
  • Emerald: My real name (all caps)
  • Second Emerald (I got another, because I didn't want to erase my old file, but I DID want to replay): ZACH
  • FireRed: My real name (all caps; after trading with myself, I ended up deciding not to do this again)
  • Replacement FireRed (I lost my first one... T.T): BRIAN
  • LeafGreen: TIMOTHY (I love this name... =D)
  • HeartGold: My real name (all caps. I didn't know that names weren't like that in Gen IV anymore, however)
  • Black: My real name (normal style. I finally got it right!)

As for nicknames, I've only really given my team nicknames in Blue and Black (my two most recently-started Pokemon games), so it's kinda starting to become a tradition to give my usual team a "right of passage" in the form of a nickname.






  • SHELDON the Blastoise
  • LITTLEMISS the Nidoqueen
  • BEAKS the Dodrio
  • NUTTY the Exeggutor
  • WATT the Electrode
  • INFERNO the Magmar



  • Louis the Serperior
  • Specs the Krookodile
  • Cleopatra the Cofagrigus
  • Tortuga the Carracosta
  • Ray the Elektross
  • Yang the Reshiram

(Sorry about the long post!)


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Well, I try to use some latin, spanish, or other language words on my Pokemon's name like-


  • Unfezant- Amodoveheart.gifAmo- love in latin and spanish, and dove of course.
  • Tepig - Bacon- funny yet simple.
  • Pignite- NitroBoar- sounds cool.
  • Emboar- NovaBoar- Nova from New, and Unova reference too.
  • Snivy - Salad- food!
  • Servine - VineViper- vine+viper.
  • Serperior- Arboa- Arbol means tree and Boa for snake= Arboa.
  • Krookedile- KrokkaNox- Nox means night in latin.
  • Osha- Wott- simple
  • Dewott- Ninjott- Ninja plus wott.
  • Samurott- MegaWott- megawatts- energy.
  • Galvantula- Tyrantula- Tyrant plus tarantula.

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I always name my character after myself (unless i restart a game for kicks) although seeing as i have pokemon white version if i get pokemon black version i might name my character Stickly (its original and im starting to get used to it XD).


As for my pokemon i either dont name them or name them after my friends


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i always name my character after myself, but like all lowercase letters and a random symbol, cuz i'm lazy >:T


and I usually don't name my starter unless I can come up with a silly or cool nickname. In Red I never nicknamed my Pokemon.


Platinum- Piplup(male), nicknamed Peemplup (cuz you know he's peempin), renamed Peempoleon when he evolved.


Black- Snivy(female), nicknamed Vendetta just because.




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White - Rose (Doctor Who) - Oswhott (like him the best)







And I thought I was the only one here who watches Doctor Who. Apparently not.


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I nickname my Characters of the game but in white i tried something else. I named her Slayer because i have a name that is too long for the game to hold. I always choose a fire starter and name it based of fire but in white i named my tepig bacon. tounge_smile.png


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Well i always picked Squirtle because it wasn't weak to Charmander or Bulbasaur.


I have a set of 6 now in Pokemon Yellow which are all up around the level 100 mark, named after scientists.


My favourite is a level 100 Hypno called Wineland after one of the first guys to supercool atoms with lasers. It totally PWNS my friends Cloyster lol.




<img src="http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/a/a9/Pin097.png" alt="" /> Hypno thinks you're getting very sleepy...


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