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9999ben9's Trade List (Lots of EX's FA's and SR's)


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Hello everyone, this is my trading center. I am just looking for fair and good trades, and anything from my wants list, or packs of any kind.


You can either post an offer here or send me a trade request in game but i prefer to get offers in game so it will be easier to negotiate.


My cards:

Mega EX's:

1 M Aggron EX (Primal Clash)

1 FA M Aggron EX (Primal Clash)

2 M Diancie EX (Promo)

1 FA M Gallade EX (Roaring Skies)

1 SR M Kangaskhan EX (Flashfire)

2 M Latios EX (Roaring Skies)

2 FA M Latios EX (Roaring Skies)

1 M Lucario EX (Furious Fists)

1 M Metagross EX (Promo)



1 FA Aggron EX (Primal Clash)

1 FA Articuno EX (Plasma Storm)

1 Black Kyurem EX (Plasma Blast)

1 Black Kyurem EX (Boundaries Crossed)

1 Camerupt EX (Primal Clash)

1 Cobalion EX (Plasma Blast)

1 Deoxys EX (Promo BW82)

3 Dialga EX (Phantom Forces)

1 Dialga EX (Plasma Blast)

1 FA Dialga EX (Plasma Blast)

1 Diancie EX (Promo)

2 Emolga EX (XY)

1 Flygon EX (Promo)

1 Gallade EX (Roaring Skies)

4 FA Gallade EX (Roaring Skies)

1 Groudon EX (Primal Clash)

1 Groudon EX (Dark Explorers)

2 Groudon EX (Promo)

1 Heracross EX (Furious Fists)

1 Hydreigon EX (Roaring Skies)

1 Jirachi EX (Plasma Blast)

1 Kangaskhan EX (Flashfire)

2 Kyogre EX (Promo)

1 Kyogre EX (Primal Clash)

1 FA Kyogre EX (Primal Clash)

1 FA team aqua's Kyogre EX (Double Crisis)

1 Kyurem EX (Legendary Treasures)

2 FA Latios EX (Roaring Skies)

1 Lugia EX (Plasma Storm)

2 Lugia EX (Promo)

1 FA Magnezone EX (Flashfire)

2 Meloetta EX (Legendary Treasures)

2 FA Meloetta EX (Legendary Treasures)

2 Metagross EX (Promo)

2 Mew EX (Dragons Exalted)

1 FA Mew EX (Dragons Exalted)

1 Mew EX (Legendary Treasures)

1 Palkia EX (Plasma Blast)

1 Rayquaza EX Dragon (Roaring Skies)

1 FA Rayquaza EX Colorless (Roaring Skies)

1 Sceptile EX (Promo)

1 Seismetoad EX (Furious Fists)

1 FA Seismetoad EX (Furious Fists)

1 Shaymin EX (Next Destinies)

1 Swampert EX (Promo)

3 FA Thundurus EX (Roaring Skies)

3 Thundurus EX (Roaring Skies)

1 Tornadus EX (Plasma Freeze)

1 FA Toxicroak EX (Flashfire)

2 FA Trevenant EX (Primal Clash)

1 Venusaur EX (Promo)

1 Venusaur EX (XY)

2 Venusuar EX (Promo)

2 Victini EX (Plasma Storm)

1 Victini EX (Legendary Treasures)

1 Wailord EX (Primal Clash)

2 White Kyurem EX (Boundaries Crossed)

1 White Kyurem EX (Plasma Storm)

3 Xerneas EX (Promo)

1 Zekrom EX (Promo)


Full Art/SR/Ace specs Trainers:

1 Computer Search (Boundaries Crossed)

1 Dowsing Machine (Plasma Storm)

1 FA Lysandre's Trump Card (Phantom Forces)

1 FA Pokemon Fan Club (Flashfire)

1 Victory Piece (Plasma Storm)

2 FA Wally (Roaring Skies)

1 FA Winona (Roaring Skies)


Special Energy:

1 CoL Lightning Energy

1 Blend Energy: Phychic, Fire, Grass, Dark (Dragons Exalted)

1 Blend Energy: Electric, Water, Steel, Fighting  (Dragons Exalted)

1 Reverse foil Double Dragon Energy (Roaring Skies)

12 Double Dragon Energy (Roaring Skies)

2 Herbal Energy (Furious Fists)

1 Special Metal Energy (HS-Undaunted)

3 Plasma Energy (Plasma Freeze)

3 Plasma Energy (Plasma Storm)

4 Rainbow Energy (XY)

2 Shield Energy (Primal Clash)

1 Reverse-foil Wonder Energy (Primal Clash)

4 Wonder Energy (Primal Clash)



In addition to all of these EX's/Full art, SR trainers, and Packs I also have Over 1000+ different Rares/Uncommons/Commons with multiple copies of most and many other playable trainers


Check my binder for Basic Energy, Avatar, and Gameplay items


This page will be updated as soon possible after I get any new cards.Please keep posts on this page about trading only. I look forward to trading with everyone, have an amazing day!

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i just got in a bunch of new stuff and im looking to trade, send me offers/pm in game or post here if you wish to trade with me

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shop is updated with my latest cards, if anyone would like any of my cards go ahead and send a trade offer in game or post an offer here

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just updated my latest cards, check for cards you need and send me an offer in game or pm me and ill respond asap

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sorry, cant right now, dont really have enough to do a company, but please keep posts on this thread to trading only, if you want to talk feel free to pm me

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just updated with a lot ok new cards, im really trying to get a shaymin ex colorless right now so if anyone would trade me it ill give a little extra value

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There are a few cards i want from u and need to now the price of,


SR VS seeker

Fa colorless M rayquaza

RA colorless rayquaza

FA shaymin ex rs

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just updated, i have 8 packs now and am looking only for my wants, send offers in game or send a message here

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