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Darkrai Promo 22! Trading FA N!


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Hello! I am trading one of the following for a Darkrai Promo 22, the one from the shop that can be traded if purchased with gems

I am looking for as many as possible really, so feel free to take any of my offers

I am offering any one of the following

1 FA N
1 FA N

1 FA N
1 FA Mewtwo-ex and 4 Roaring Skies Packs
Full Entei/Raikou Legend and 3 Roaring Skies Packs
30 Roaring Skies Packs
30 Roaring Skies Packs
2 Full Darkrai/Cresselia Legend
1 HeartGoldSoulSilver Pack
2 SR Empoleon
1 SR Dusknoir, 1 SR Rayquaza, 1 SR Garchomp, 1 SR Garbodor


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