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2016 Dragonite deck list help


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My girlfriend just started playing the tcg and we're trying to build a deck with Dragonite are there any cards that could help her, we bought the new Roaring Skies Zapdos deck and it has some good cards and I modified with the few cards she has. This deck is currently out of standard format.



Venusaur EX (XY28)

Illumise (P. Clash)

Wurmple (Roaring Skies)



Shaymin EX (Leagendary Treasures) x2

Thundurus EX (Roaring Skies) x2

Zapdos x2

Dedenne (Furious Fists) x2

Dratini (Roaring Skies) x2

Dragonair x2

Dragonite (51/108)

Dragonite (52/108)

Zekrom (Roaring Skies)



Energy Retrieval x2

Great Ball

Ultra Ball

Switch x2

Professor's Letter x2


Protection Cube x2

Mountain Ring x2


Shauna x3

Wally x2

Pokemon Center Lady



Leaf Energy x7

Herbal Energy

Electric Energy x8

Double Dragon Energy x4


I know the cards I should be looking for such as Evosoda, Dragonite EX, and Prof. Birch's Observations, but I'm not sure what else to look for, Grass and Electric are way out of my element. I want to keep the deck within the 2016 rotation so I know Shaymin has to go.

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I left all this advices in other of the recent posts created for new players. Take a look.


About your list specifically, choose a main attacker and put some copies of them a 3-1-3 line or 4-2-4 with rare candies.


The #51 is more a tech than an attacker so are you including 1 or 2? Think about. The other 2, #52 have only 1 attack but is massive. With a Muscle band is a 170 some EX OHKO but is slow to set up (5 energies). Virizion EX would help to set up the Grass energies fast, but it's an expensive card and going to rotate.


About the Venusaur EX I really love it, but there isn't any good deck that uses it because it's slow too. But if you think it's going to be important, add 2 or 3.


I see why Illumise there but, as the ones before, probably you're going to need some more (maybe 3).


I think that Zapdos's is a bad Theme deck so, use what it whorth and quit all the other things looking for better options. Not sure about Thundrus EX but, as you've two better than only 1 (Venusaur EX)


I would remove all the Beautyfly line (a 1-1-1 it's always too weak, difficult to evo) and Zekrom from the list (fire to attack and the 1 energy it's only for itself, doesn't help your main).


I have to leave but I will edit with my trainers thoughts and so on later ^_^

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As for trainers, try to reach more or less 30 of this cards. You have 20 in your list. Some more could be added to give speed draw and consistency.


I would make


3x Energy Retrieval

3x Ultraball (you've 2 in Red basic deck)

3x Switch

2x Prof Letter

4xTrainer's Mail

2x Switch

2x Protection cube

3x Shauna or 3x Prof Birch Obs

2x Prof Sycamore

2x Wally

3 Steven

3x Rare Candy

1x Startling megaphone

2x Lysandre

2x Muscle Band (or Silver Bangle until rotation).


If you want something to heal yes 2x Potion or 2x Poke Center Lady. Having #51 Dragonite you can heal whatever and as a tech, I would add AZ or Cassius to get it back even though it's a difficult combo.


3X Mountain Ring (3 stadiums should make you win the stadiums war if you play it second)


Of course that is more than 30 but it's a bunch of possibilities and you have to try what works better and what's best for your way to play.


I would try with 5 grass+6 electric+4 dragon energies as much to see if it's consistent.

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Thanks for the advise. So would it be a good idea to drop the Dragonite (51/108) and add a second one of the other version?

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Thanks for the advise. So would it be a good idea to drop the Dragonite (51/108) and add a second one of the other version?


I would play 3 or 4 Dragonite as main (or one of the main) attacker in a 3-1-3 or 4-2-4 line.


If 3 > 2x#52 and 1x#51

If 4 > 3x#52 and 1x#51 (could be 2x#52 and 2x#52 if you see you can pick #52 easily in the games and need more healing while playing).


It's a think you know playing the deck.


I added Muscle band to trainers list for that 170 damage. I forgot before.

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