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[GENERAL] Other - Security breach? Was my account accessed by someone else? Suspicious activity


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I just logged in to Pokemon.com and I was alarmed. It had episodes that I don't remember watching listed that I had watched them. I am alarmed because it made me fear that someone else had been on my account beside me. I am espicially alarmed because I don't want to think someone beside me could login to any other Pokemon account of mine.


Major questions:

1. My account is safe from being hacked or anything, right?

2. Can I change the password to my login for Pokemon.com?

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As with any video game, having a antivirus program as well as all the current updates for your machine will help prevent hackers from compromising your computer. However, baring that, Yes, there is no reason to doubt that your account is safe from being hacked.

Yes, you can change your password by logging into pokemon.com , Going to the Edit Profile page, then clicking the 'Change Password' button.

You are welcome to contact support (by clicking the link in my signature) if you would like to talk with the support team about this issue. If you feel your account has been used by someone without your permission, then I recommend changing the password for your account.

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