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[GAME] General - Several Glitches related to Tournaments and Shop


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So I had a long list of glitches that occurred in the same general transaction involved with a tournament --

Glitch #1: When I beat my semi-finals opponent, I was not awarded my three knockouts for the Darkness Daily challenge until after I logged out.

Glitch #2: Even though my finals opponent and I had beaten each of our semi-finals opponents, the clock was stuck, still counting down. "Whatever," I say, because I'm playing between studying.

Glitch #3: When I went into the shop to look at what there was, the "loading X%" screen came up. PTCGO stayed stuck at 0%, so I logged off and logged back on, assuming I'd A) resolve the problem and :cool: get access to the tournament.

Glitch #4: When I logged back on, my finals opponent was awarded the tournament win, as if I had conceded.

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Hi Patriarch!


Were these issues experienced between the 11th and 12th of July? There were some issues with Tournaments during that time, but they should now be resolved. Please let us know if you experience any of these again.


Thanks for your patience and your reports!

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