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[GAME] General - Abilities are not displaying in cards


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Hi! Congratulations for the new version, I am happy. Howewer, i found a bug. The habilities ´s buttons in the battles don´t show the cards. I don t know if you understand me haha sorry i am Latin American. Goodbye :)


Latin American



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Hello juani_gamer,

Are you referring to this bug, listed in the Known Bugs thread?:

When selecting the "Use Ability" button, the "Pick an Action" pop up is empty.


This is commonly seen with Exeggcute's Propagation Ability and other Abilities that can be used from the discard pile.

If this is not what you're describing, we would appreciate if you could post a more detailed description or submit a screenshot which shows the issue to our support team. You can create a support ticket by clicking the link in my signature, signing in, and clicking "Ask a Question". Image files can be attached there directly.

Thanks for your report and your patience!

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