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Night March deck for sale


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Hello everyone, im selling a night march deck, and it is fully complete with a deck list below. I am looking for any ex/card over 25 packs, or 25 standard packs. If they are roaring skies from,tourney (the one that is second) you only need to pay about 10-12 packs or so. The Deck is standard legal, expanded legal, and unlimited legal. Energies not included, with exception of double colorless energy and league energy (psychic)


4 pumpkaboo

4-4 lampent line

4 joltiks

2-2 flareon line

1 or 2 mew ex (your preference)

2 or 3 acro bike (your preference)

4 battle compressors

2 N'

2 repeat ball

3 lysandre

3ultra ball

2 proffessor juniper

OPTIONAL: 2 dimension valley + 2 double colorless energy, 4 dimension valley, or 4 double colorless energy( choose one option please)

16 psychic energy (one league if wanted)

I will update if I find anything missing or see anything that can be replaced with better equipment

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22 packs?


4x battle compressor, 4x mew ex, 3-4 acro bike, etc...


or only pokémon with night march move + flareon company?

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Pm me or 2swagsalot for more details ingame. Some trainers are juniper x2, battle compressor x4, acro bike x3, and N x2

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