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2.29 Patch Notes | July 14, 2015


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Version 2.29



  • New Versus Ladder system!
  • Streamlined navigation!
  • Expanded tutorial!


  • Implemented Versus Ladder system.
    • Earn Versus Points by winning matches in Versus Mode.
    • Accumulate Versus Points to earn Versus Rewards items.
    • Versus Ladder resets every 3 weeks, bringing new Versus Rewards.
  • Implemented a separate matchmaking system for the Theme Deck format to ease the transition from Theme Deck play to custom deck play.
  • Friend Battle option moved to the Friends menu.
  • Play Testing option moved to the Deck Manager.


  • Visual and functional improvements to the game refresher and login screen.
  • Implemented a persistent, streamlined global navigation bar with a more intuitive menu system.
  • Added support for improved event notifications on the home page.
  • Animations now load when transitioning between screens. 
  • Stability improvements to address invalid inactivity popups.


  • Expanded tutorial to improve the learning experience for new players.
  • Increased Trainer Token rewards throughout the tutorial.
  • XY: Basic Yellow theme deck awarded after completing the tutorial.


  • Locked challenge slots no longer appear in the Active Challenges popup.
  • Progress on some challenges can now be made during Tournament matches.
  • Added game mode icons to each challenge panel. Highlighted icons show which game modes are available to complete the challenge.
  • Each challenge now has a unique name.


  • Adjusted display order of items in a trade offer to eliminate some deceptive trade techniques.



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